Why Posting My Essays on My Own Blog Site Every Week Will Benefit Me in the Long Run

Posting essays on my own site will benefit me in the long run. It allows me to get better at writing, gives me experience with websites, and also can get me some recognition. The Ron Paul Curriculum assigns weekly essays, and after a couple years taking their lessons, I have posted over 200 essays on all my sites combined. Doing this will greatly improve my ability to write essays, which is very important. Both in university and in jobs, essays have to be written very often.

One thing about posting essays on a blog is that it provides evidence to the School District that I haven’t slacked when homeschooling. It will help me get into university and show them that I really am different from the rest. No public schools require you to do this, and so most people don’t. By having a website with hundreds of essays, I will definitely go on the top of the pile. Together with this, it contains retroactive evidence of my improvement. The college can see that I have improved throughout my school year. This is really important because it proves that I actually learn something every day. Doing this will also let me master some website building tools. It will allow me to master different ways to make websites. From making my site with built in programs like WordPress to making my site all by myself with code. All this will open much more job opportunities for me. Then there is a job application benefit. If I have a ton of essays and my potential employer looks at them, he will see that I’ve been posting them for a while, and so will know that I can stick to my knitting. It will set me apart from others trying to get the same job. I can prove that I’m not a drifter and that I stick from the beginning to the end.

It is good to make different sites on multiple subjects. A hobby site maybe? With it, I can showcase how I grew better at what I love to do. I can also make an autobiography site. A business site is also great to advertise your company. Making different sites for other people and get paid for it. Then there is an expertise site. I can create an awareness of what I can do, and it will allow companies to recognize me and realize that I am a keeper. All of this will put me above average, and it’s all free!

But to be able to post essays onto a site, I’ll have to first have a site and write essays. Continual writing is one of the best ways to learn how to write properly. For, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” At the end of all of this is a name identification strategy. Making websites and putting my work on them will allow more and more people to recognize how valuable my work is and will give me a better chance of being successful in life.

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