Benefiting from the Knowledge of Death.

Knowing that death is inevitable is good for you, just not everyone knows that. Jim Lehrer benefited from the knowledge, and you could too. Jim Lehrer had bad habits. He only ate junk food and loved to smoke. These bad habits lead to him having a heart attack, but thanks to his wife, he managed to survive. Now the heart attack wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because it lead to him having a much more productive lifestyle. Three of the things he improved on was that he stopped smoking, ate healthier, and also made lists of his goals.

First of all, he stopped smoking. Smoking has been proven over and over again that it is bad for you. It gives you lung cancer, is horrible for your teeth, and has many other consequences. Lehrer was so into smoking, that when he was being rushed to the hospital, he tried to smoke a cigarette, thinking, “If I’m going to die, I will die doing what I love.” After his close encounter with death, however, he realized how close we all are to death and had a much more serious view on life.

Then, he started eating healthier. Before, all he ate was junk food, nothing else. However, after the realization that death is a lot closer than you would think, he realized that having a bad diet could lead to death. He started to eat healthier, even though he hated fruits and veggies. This healthier diet stopped him from having yet another heart attack.

Lastly, he made a list of his goals and worked toward them. Making a list of your goals is very important because it gives you a meaning in life, and lets you be more productive in life. But even if you make a goal. and not work toward it, then your goal is useless. Goals are useless without action.

In conclusion, you have to watch yourself. One day you will realize that death is inevitable, that it is something everyone has to deal with. You have to start watching yourself early and be careful. Heart attacks can be prevented by making sure you don’t smoke, that you eat healthily and that you watch yourself. Lehrer benefited from this, for after he realized that death is real, he assumed a much more productive and healthy lifestyle.