What Would it Take to Convince Me to Use Spreeder?

I would be convinced to use Spreeder every day if I knew how important it is to be able to read quickly. Because I now know how important speed reading is, I use Spreeder every day. Speed reading abilities are very important because they allow you to learn so much more from books and articles in a shorter time period.

Spreeder is a free online app for speed reading. By learning how to speed read, the time to read long, boring assignments can be cut in half. Instead of reading at 400 words per minute, you could learn to read at 800, or even 1000. That way, you will have much more time to do other things.

Speed reading is very important, and I would recommend it to anyone. Spreeder is a great program, and it’s free! Just copy and paste whatever you want on spreeder and adjust the speed of which you want to read it at.


*I am not paid to endorse Spreeder

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