The Lifestyle That I want in 20 Years.

When I am 33, my goal is to become a good and faithful servant to God, and also to be able to support a God-loving family.
In 20 years, I will have a God-loving family that consists of a loving Wife, and 2-3 kids. I believe that the two most important things will be that the family has a strong foundation in Christ and that quality time should be spent with both my wife and children. I will also be able to support the family through a great job. At the age of 33, I will have become a good and faithful servant and will continue to serve God through both ministry and helping out in the church.
That is what my goal is, and I plan on achieving it through studying hard and doing my best to apply what I learn in my life.

The Ideal Apprenticeship Job and Why

In my opinion, the ideal apprenticeship would be one where you could learn a lot, while still having enough time for your normal studies. An apprenticeship is where you are taught a certain trade by a much more experienced person. Most of the time, there is next to no pay, but what you don’t get in money, you gain with experience.
Two other programs much like the apprenticeship are the Internship and Co-op Programs. Both are organized by multiple universities and require interviews to get accepted by other companies. Internship programs are only organized during summer breaks, but Co-op programs are split up during the school term. The main difference between these and the apprenticeship is that for the Internship and the Co-op programs you have to be in University.
I think that the ideal apprenticeship depends on what you are planning to do. If you decide that you want to start a business, take an apprenticeship at a successful small business. If you decide you want to feel out what a work environment is like, then take an Internship or Co-op program at a bigger company. Overall, I think that it just depends on what you want to do. I would like to work at a bigger business, so my goal is to get into Google.

What Benefits Would I get from Writing an Autobiography

An Autobiography is a diary of someone’s entire life. It reveals information on how they came to be the person who they are today, and what the era they lived in was like.
Writing my own Autobiography would allow me to preserve memories that I otherwise might have forgotten over time. Almost all people tend to forget things pretty quickly, and I am no exception to that, but having an Autobiography would allow me to relive those moments. Having my own Autobiography would also allow future generations to understand the world that I live in, and would preserve the story of my life.
Writing an Autobiography is also really helpful for writing it can greatly improve your note taking and writing skills. Note taking is a very important skill to have because to pass a test in University, you have to have notes that you can review. Without the ability to take good notes, you won’t be able to understand the lessons properly and will most likely fail the test. Writing an Autobiography can also improve your writing skills by allowing you to experiment with different types of writing styles.
I think that writing an Autobiography is a great idea, allowing you to relive past memories and events. Your Autobiography can help future generations understand the era in which you live in, and also spread your story.

What I will Apply to My Life from, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Recently I just finished reading, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie. I learned many useful social skills through this book, and am trying to implement them in my life. Some short-term goals I have are to remember other’s names and to always smile. Other goals which might take longer to learn would be to start asking meaningful questions to others during conversations, and also to show respect to other’s opinions.

Remembering some one’s name and smiling can really help your interactions with others. Smiling lets you spread happiness to others, something everyone wants to feel. Remembering other’s names is good because it has been proven that someone’s name is to them the most important sound in any language. Therefore, using the other person’s name in conversations tends to make them more interested in what you are saying.

I would also love to learn to start asking meaningful questions to others during conversations. Not just a monotonous, “How are you?” or “How was your day?” But to start asking questions that can really let you know them better, questions like, “Have you done anything interesting this past week?” or, “What would you like to make time for?” Another thing I would like to do is to let others express their opinions about different things, and also to show respect to their opinions. I find that doing so is hard for me because I always manage to find something wrong with it. That is why I should slow down and let others properly explain everything.

I think that implementing these things in my life will improve my social skills and help me not hate the people I dislike as much. Smiling and remembering other’s names can help you have more pleasant interactions with others.