How I should Prepare Myself for University. (Speech)

Hi, I’m Matthew and Today I will talk about How I should prepare myself for University. Now University is a big step up, even more so than preschool to primary school, or from primary school to High school, University is the time where you choose which pathway you want to take in life because your major will usually determine what jobs you will get.
The first choice I will have to make is to choose which pathway I will walk, that is, which major I’m going to choose for University. Then I will have to find a school which offers this course, and also to find out what I will have to do to get into the course. To get into university, budgeting time, working hard, and doing extra will be what can get me into a difficult program.
The program I want to get into is Computer Science, and one of the universities I’ve considered is the University of Waterloo. Their requirements are that you have lots of knowledge in Math and English, and can also program really well. Therefore, to do extra, I will do multiple math contests, have written more than 200 essays on my websites, and also will do programming side-projects. Another important thing is to have self-learning skills. That is why I use the Ron-Paul Curriculum and Khan Academy. Both are self-taught curriculums which will teach me self-learning skills.
I also recommend taking a major which actually interests you, because then you won’t just waste the majority of your life doing something you hate. But then it is important to consider that you also need a job which can bring food to the table.┬áIt is also important to take university seriously because it will affect the rest of your life. Of course, there are people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerburg who all dropped out of University, but they truly knew what they wanted to do, they had a dream.

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