Memento Mori: Why Christians Shouldn’t Fear Death (Speech)

Honorable Judges, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Matthew, and today I will talk about why we Shouldn’t Fear Death.
Now, next to all the people I know fear death, some of the main reasons being that it is the one permanent thing in our lives. The one thing that can never be stopped. The one thing that is certain. Death is also scary because us humans fear the unknown. We fear death because we don’t know what will happen, and when it will happen. No one knows for sure what it’s like. We might fear death because we don’t know how others are going to fare when we are gone, or just because everything we worked for or wanted to, would all be gone. That it is the end of everything.
But the great thing is, for Christians, that is not the case! Because we will always have Jesus, who has already beaten death through his resurrection, and who has prepared for us a place in heaven.
Another thing is that we are all strangers in this world, aliens. Only to stay here for a little bit, then to go on and live in heaven with God forever after. To be in a place much better than where we are now.
We should not fear death because, for Christians, death is not the end, life continues on in heaven, much much better than now. And… our God has defeated death already, what is there to fear? Another very important thing to remember is that God does all things for our good, and that we always can keep in contact with him through prayer.
But the thing is, many people, even Christians, do their best to avoid the topic of death. In fact, it is important to realize that we must die one day, we must face it one day anyways. Just, take out your hands, and look at your palms. If you look carefully, you hands will have creases that look like an M. Monks used to look at their hands and meditate on the two words, Memento Mori, Latin for, “Remember, You Must Die.” Those are the four words that we should repeat every single day of our lives. In fact, the bible tells us to do this. Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Which literally means that we should realize that life is short, and to learn to live life well.
It is important to remember that time IS running out. You cannot relive former moments, or spend 100$ to get 1 more day. TIME IS RUNNING OUT. We don’t have plenty of it left. There is no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow, or a someday. As Pablo Picasso said, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die left undone.”
Knowing that we will die gets us to value our possessions less, making us realize that we can’t take any of it with us when we die. We start to use our possessions to help form relationships and experiences, and other things that actually matter, such as forwarding God’s kingdom, and earning eternal treasure in heaven. Wasting time is a big thing. We might think that we don’t have much time here on earth, but that isn’t so. In fact, we have a lot of time, but the thing is, we waste most of our time doing useless things. So with knowing that the future is uncertain, we start to waste time less, and to work on what we think really matters in our lives.
And, by doing all this, our fear of death will gradually fade away, and our lives will slowly improve. You see, knowing that life is not certain and that it is possible to die next week, or even tomorrow, is when we can truly improve our lives.
In Conclusion, not only do Christians not have to fear death but can find comfort in the thought of death. That we can be truly united with our God again. But still, we have to daily repeat those four words, “Remember, you must die.” And to live our lives to the very best we can. You see, in life, we don’t get a second chance, so don’t let it slip away.
Thanks for listening.

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