Note-taking is a very important skill, not only for those who write autobiography’s but for all others as well. Note-taking allows you to look back on what life was like before. Note-taking is also very useful in class, where you can jot down the important details in case you forget them.
There are multiple ways to take notes. Most people are already familiar with the idea of keeping a daily journal, but I find it hard to do so on paper. That is why I have turned to a program called Evernote, which is a free, online note-taker. Of course, everyone has different preferences, and it is important to a way to take notes that suits you.
In note-taking, there are two important things; keeping your content clear and also catching the important things to write down. In taking notes for a journal, it is important that you be specific about what happened. Instead of writing down, “I woke up, went to school, and it was fun good night.” You can write something more specific, describing what was fun, such as, “After I went to school, I had art with Mr. Fish, and he taught us how to draw houses…”
When taking notes during class, many people happen to just copy down whatever the professor says, no matter what it is. It is important that when taking notes, you find ways to only write down the important details and to also find ways to make your notes easy to read.
In conclusion, keeping notes is a necessary skill in life, both for school and for work. Therefore, it is crucial that we perfect our note-taking skills.
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